Hey, I'm McKinsey!
 • • •
That's me, up there. 
I am the face you can find behind the lens of all the pictures around this place.
- About Me -
+ Candid pictures give. me. life. 
+ I am a lover of Johnny Cash and chicken nuggets
+ I tend to laugh a little too loud
+ I am from a one stoplight town called Fortville, IN
+ I love Jesus and conveying Him in all that I do, including photography
+ I have no formal training or degree in photography. Just a camera, a passion, and some really awesome mentors
+ I believe sunshine is good for the soul. There is nothing I love more than sunflares flooding my lens. Let's chase the sunset together
+ I am a people person. Getting to capture so many beautiful people on camera is a dream
If you peak into my room you will imediately become aware that I love elephants 

​​- The Story -
My dad was a landscape architect and he always had a camera and eye that was out of this world. When he passed away in September of 2015, I decided to pick up a hand-me-down camera that I had received months before and see if maybe I had an out of this world eye, too. Since then, photgraphy has become my therapy and passion.
Capturing the beauty in the things around me makes me feel him in every moment. So, I decided to make a go of it. And that lands us here --with a new camera and a growing photography business. My poppa was a people lover
and he loved them so well. So capturing people in love - families, couples, mommas-to-be, new parents, siblings - makes what I do that much more special to me. 

- Fun Facts -
+ 33 was my dads favorite number. That's where "Studio 33 Photography" comes from.
+ ​My slogan is "Moments That Last A Lifetime + Beyond" because I know first hand that pictures transcend time.

"One day you won't be here. One day someone will want to remember how well you loved and how big you smiled. One day they will want to tell stories about you until they are weak in the knees."

 • • •
To me, this is why pictures are so 
important and why I am so passionate about what I do. 
 • • •
Thank you so much for stopping by my little creative corner of the internet. I look forward to becoming friends!

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