How do I receive my?pictures
I deliver all edited pictures via straight to your email. These pictures can then be saved to your computer and printed however you wish. If you wish to have your pictures preserved on CD, it's a $10 charge. More info on CD's on "Pricing" page.
How many edits do I
The number of prints you receive is dependpent upon the package you choose. You can receive anywhere from 15-45 edits. To see pricing on packages please refer to the "PRICING" page.
How do I get prints of my
You can order prints one of two ways. When you photos are emailed to you, they come with a picture realease. This means that you can print them anywhere -- in store or online -- all on your own. If you are not tech savy or you don't "trust" yourself" then I am willing to order prints for you. Total cost of you order will be simply rounded up to the next dollar amount. The prints will then be shipped directly to you.
?How do I pay you
I accept cash or check at the time of your shoot. For prints or other miscellaneous charges that may come up after the shoot, I am set up with PayPal.
What kind of camera do
?you use
I use a Canon 60D with one of two lenses: 55mm f/1.8 or 18-135mm lens. I have a Sony A camera as a back up.
?What training do you have
I am a self-taught photgrapher. I have had two really great mentors coach me through a lot of my work. I have no formal training or degree in photography. To read more about why and how I got into photography check out the "ABOUT ME" page!
?Do you travel
Simply put: it depends. I am based in Fortville, IN and will travel up to 30 miles with no extra cost. Out of state traveling is dependepent upon many external factors. Inquire for more information. For more information on travel costs check out the "PRICING" page.
?Do you offer any discounts
I offer lots of promotional and holiday discounts! Check into my facebook page here for the latest promotion I am running.